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Hourly care


Hourly care covers a wide range of services including; companionship, personal health care, assistance with activities of daily living and skilled nursing care. On any typical shift the caregiver can assist with bathing, dressing and preparing for the day ahead as well as getting ready for bed and assisting with nightly routine activities.  The aide or nurse can also provide care for more personal issues, such as incontinence care, assistance with medications and transferring in and out of bed or a wheelchair, for individuals who have no or limited mobility.  Additionally the scope of services provides light housekeeping help, ranging from preparing and cooking meals, vacuuming, laundry,  coordination and transportation to help you or your loved one get out of their home to visit friends, collect prescriptions and go shopping.

In cases where you or a loved one has needs that can only be met by a skilled nurse, Ability Nursing can refer a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse to fulfill such highly specialized requirements.  Services include, but are not limited to; routine evaluations, pre and post operative care, monitoring vitals, catheter care, diabetic care, infusion therapies, injections, wound care, medication administration, port maintenance and tube feeding.

Meeting with one of our Professional Care Coordinators is necessary to help clarify the level of support required and to set realistic and safe expectations. In doing so this will ensure that Ability Nursing refers the right caregiver for the exact needs to be met on and individualized basis, providing you and your loved ones peace of mind.