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Seniors prescription drugs, Ability Nursing

Florida Prescription Drug Assistance Programs

Low-income residents, families with children, and people with limited or no health insurance have access to several programs in Florida that can offer them low-cost or free prescription medications. There are both generic as well as name-brand drugs available along with discounts and rebate plans. The programs that are available in Florida are noted below.

Sunshine for Seniors in Florida program

This prescription assistance program helps eligible seniors along with retirees. The applicants need to be classified as 60 years of age or older. The program will help these individuals enroll in various health care and insurance programs that help with the cost of paying for prescription drugs.

Seniors prescription drugs

To qualify for the Sunshine for Seniors program, the applicant can’t have insurance coverage for their prescription drugs. So this means the senior citizen can’t be covered by Medicare, a pension plan, or a private health insurance policy. Dial (800) 963-5337 for more information, and this will put you in touch with the Florida Department of Elder Affairs Helpline, who currently administers the Sunshine service.

Florida prescription discount drug card

All residents are eligible, regardless of income, age, or household size. There are no restrictions and the card is free to sign up for as well as use. The total savings depend on the type of medicating as well as the pharmacy used. The Florida Discount Drug Card can help all patients save money on their prescription medications.

To learn more about the discount card, which can save people up to 30% on their medications, call the toll-free number (866) 341-8894 to apply. As noted it is free to Florida residents, and there are no restrictions on its use.

The Assistance Fund

If you have either state of Florida or federal government-sponsored health insurance, but if you can’t afford the co-pay for specialty medications that qualify as being needed for life-threatening illnesses or certain chronic conditions, then do not hesitate to call the toll-free number (877) 245-4412. It can help pay for some of those very costly but needed prescriptions.

The list of drugs changes. Call to learn which medications are covered by the Assistance Fund, as if your illnesses qualify you can get help in paying for the prescription medications.

Free children vaccinations

The program is run in partnership with local clinics as well as medical centers. There may be some minimal office visit costs involved as well as co-pays due, but this really depends on the clinic. The vaccinations, as well as prescriptions, are for conditions such as hepatitis, influenza, measles, pneumococcal, Diphtheria, mumps pertussis, polio, tetanus, the flu, and many others. The state of Florida as well as non-profit agencies partner together on this service. The telephone number is 800-483-2543.

Florida KidCare (SCHIP)

Uninsured children in Florida can get low-cost, yet high-quality and affordable health, medical care and insurance, as well as prescription medications, from Florida KidCare. The CHIP program is made upon four main parts, which include the Children’s Medical Services (CMS) Network, MediKids, and Healthy Kids for those children with special health care needs, and Medicaid for other children in Florida. It is even for parents that already have some other form of insurance. Call 1-888-540-5437.

Florida Medicaid

Both the federal government and the state of Florida have partnered together to create this service. Most of the beneficiaries are very low income or living in poverty. It is the government insurance program that provides health as well as other medical insurance coverage for selected categories of low to moderate-income people in Florida.

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